Pompous Ass English Pale Ale is now available at the LCBO! $2.50 a can, Fuggled Doublebottom says "Drink this Ale Fresh"!
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retail fridgeWhat's in the Retail Fridge:

Harry Porter
473ml cans

Lake Effect IPA
650ml bottles
Winter Ale
750ml bottles
Pompous Ass
473ml cans
Pompous Ass
473ml cans
473ml cans
666: Devils Pale Ale
473ml cans
Red Leaf
473ml cans
Golden Horseshoe
341ml bottles

1.89L Growlers

Retail Store Hours: Mon-Thurs: 10-6, Fri: 10-7, Sat: 10-5

GLB and friends seize The Wooly
18 draught 4 cask 10 Collaboration Beers

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Great Lakes Brewery Adds Beer To Core Line-Up
Pompous Ass English Pale Ale set to join other award-winning brands at LCBO retail stores across the province.

30 Queen Elizabeth Boulevard (Map)
Etobicoke, Ontario
M8Z 1L8

Tel: 416.255.4510
Toll Free: 1.800.463.5435
Fax: 416.255.4907

Hours: Mon-Thurs: 10-6, Fri: 10-7, Sat: 10-5

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