4th Annual GLB Pig Roast

Live music, slow cooked pig, fresh craft beer, local vendors market, face painting and games for the kids, patio jammin’ and new beer releases…
We are hosting our 4th annual Pig Roast this coming Saturday (September 22nd), here at the brewery, to help close out Toronto Beer Week and we can’t wait to celebrate with you. 
Here are some FAQs answered for you.
What are the hours of the pig roast?
GLB: The brewery retail store will be open between 10am – 9pm but the festivities kick-off at 12pm and run until 6pm.
Is there an admission fee to attend?
GLB: Just a small one of $5 per person. We know, that’s a steal of a deal.
What does admission provide?
GLB: Entrance into the pig roast which will allow you to visit the local vendors market and experience the talented band, Arsenals: 100% Kick-Ass Reggae Ska.
I want PIG! How much will food be?
GLB: We care about you and your wallet, so we are keeping prices low. A plate of pig and a side will only set you back $10. Crazy right!
Who is cooking the piggy(s)?
GLB: Mike Tucker, the Chef of The Wavy Wall Craft Kitchen, is rolling up his sleeves, sharpening his knives and prepping for a long two days of intense pig roasting.
Wait. I want to come but I’m a vegetarian. What’s up?
GLB: We’ll have some vegetarian options available for sure. 
How much will a glass of #FreshGLB cost?
GLB: Same price as always! $5 for a 12oz pour. We’ll also have 12-16 different beers on tap, including Toronto Island Time, the official beer of Toronto Beer Week. The beer list will be posted here – greatlakesbeer.com/glb-fridge
Who will the local vendors be?
GLB: We have some great businesses lined up who will be on-site throughout the day selling custom merchandise. They include:

Is the pig roast rain or shine?
GLB: You betcha. We have lots of tents. We have lots of GLB rain ponchos. 
Is the pig roast kid friendly?
GLB: 100%. We’ll have our talented in-house artist, Baylee Bonnell, setting up a face-painting booth and we’ll also have a number of “giant” games available for the kiddos to play. 
Will the retail store be open for business during the pig roast?
GLB: You’d think we’d close the store when hundreds of people are coming to the brewery?? Never! Yes, the retail store will remain open for your take-home needs until 9pm. 
How can we pay for beer, food, admission?
GLB: Cash is king/queen, right! Cash will help the lines move faster, but if you just carry plastic, we’ll have a terminal open running credit and debit card sales.