Authentically Canadian – Shinny Pants Session Stout

Here in Canada, we have several regionally specific phrases that arise in situations where said vernacular is considered appropriate, ie., the funny sounding term, Shinny.

Shinny is a game of ice hockey played without the standard head to toe body armour. Instead, only skates, gloves, a hockey stick and preferably, a helmet is worn. And if your Mike Lackey, GLBs Brewing Operations Manager, the same pair of Shinny pants day in and day out from December to March.

A common code of ethics is employed during a game of Shinny, like raising the puck off the ice is strongly discouraged, for fear of being struck in the shins, or worse, without the protection of full hockey gear… well, you get it. However, the most common code of ethics, or common practice takes place off the sheet of ice – mandatory post Shinny bevvies with your team, and boy, does Great Lakes Brewery have the beer for that with Shinny Pants Session Stout, a beer inspired by Lackey’s well worn pants…
Drink it fresh please…

“awww man, you spilled beer on my shinny pants, bud!”