Beer Schwing!! Pale Ale – Georgapalooza

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If you follow the Ontario Craft beer industry closely, you’ll know him.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of drinking beer with him, you’ll remember that first pint forever.
If you watch our “Thirty Years of Great Lakes Beer” documentary, and our unbelievable blooper reel, you’ll remember a fantastic scene with the dude.
Intrigued? Swing by The Wooly Pub on Saturday April 14th after 4pm to meet the man, the myth (really), the legend, Mr. George Eagleson, during his annual charity event – Georgapalooza.**
It’s people like George are who make this amazing industry so amazing. The man is kind-hearted, passionate about all things beer, hilarious, caring, sharing, and one hell of a talented brewer. He has lent his magical brewing paddle to many breweries over his 25 + years in the industry and is well loved by his peers throughout the province.
Known to shed a tear every now and then when he tries a great beer for the first time, we’re sure our latest 7 Barrel Series beer, Beer Schwing!! Pale Ale, a collab we did with George and friends, will have him emptying an entire box of Kleenex. Cans of this special release will be available at the GLB retail store and taproom on Friday April 6th and will be on tap at The Wooly Pub during Georgapalooza. Cans will retail for $3.00 and are limited in availability.
** Proceeds from Georgapalooza 2018 at The Wooly Pub will be directed to The Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington.
Beer Schwing!! -Georgapalooza - 2018