Etobichoker Double Belgian IPA

Etobichoker Double Belgian IPA

ABV: 8.1%
Style: Double Belgian IPA
Serving Temp: 3-5C
Glassware: GLB Revival IPA

Tank Ten
Tasting Notes

Legend has it Etobichoker rose from the depths of The Humber terrorizing Etobicokers and haunting their children’s dreams. Overwrought citizens everywhere from Sherway Gardens to Longbranch still report sightings of the hideous monster daily.


Turns out, Etobichoker is one of those oft-misunderstood monsters who simply loves hops for their pungent aromas and flavours of pine, tropical fruit and resin. Just like the rest of us.

The End.


Food Pairing Recommendations

Mussels and frites, poached whitefish, lemon chicken



GLB Retail (Rarely)


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