Limp Puppet Session IPA

Limp Puppet Session IPA

ABV: 3.8%
Style: American Session
Serving Temp: 3-5C
Glassware: GLB can glass

Tank Ten
Tasting Notes

“I was once a great entertainer who thrilled throngs of children with dance. Then my puppet master became a CGI whiz. Now I’m an inanimate object – a piece of cloth with asbestos stuffing and lifeless strings. I have no pulse and no soul. I do, however, have a rabid desire for revenge. Beware puppet master – I know where you live…”


Unfiltered, hazy and dull yellow with a snowy with head. Tropical and juicy hop profile dominates the aroma. White wine/grape must, citrus rind (lemon) and a freshly bit tangerine. Passion fruit throughout.


Light to medium body, more on the light side. Juicy and refreshing with a softer carbonation, which allows hop profile to emanate. Similar to aroma – passion fruit, soft touch of white wine notes and touches of lemon rind. Finishes dry with lingering tropical hop character. Good for hop heads and those looking for a lighter offering.


Food Pairing Recommendations

Lobster rolls, on a beach with hot dogs, california chicken



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