Meanwhile… Down in Moxee IPA

Meanwhile... Down in Moxee IPA

ABV: 6.5%
IBUs: 65
Style: New England style IPA
Serving Temp: 3-5C
Glassware: GLB Revival IPA

Tank Ten
meanwhile...down in moxee, new england style ipa
Tasting Notes

What’s with the name “Meanwhile… Down in Moxee”? Well, this here beer features a healthy dose of El Dorado hops, which comes from Moxee, Washington, near Yakima. Mike Lackey, hearing about these great hops, wandered south across the border in search of the best crop and in doing so found a Teriyaki restaurant that he thoroughly enjoyed. When deciding to brew our first New England style IPA, Lackey immediately knew that his Moxee experience would be brought to life. He’s excited.

The hazy IPA pours a milkshakey orange with some whiteness of the suspended yeast peering through. Huge aromas of mango, nectarines, lychee and strawberry abound from the glass and get those saliva glands kicking into high gear. The first sip, and each gulp thereafter, all provide flavours of tangerine and peach, with some kiwi and mango notes mingling together to create a very juicy experience. Medium body, mildly bitter and yet very refreshing, we may have to send Lackey back to Moxee next year for more Teriyaki.


The Story
Not too far from the hustle and bustle of the relatively cosmopolitan Yakima Washington, rests the town of Moxee. It is home to a post office, a laundromat, and one heck of a terrific Teriyaki restaurant. Also (and with significantly more relevance to this overly-wordy write up you’re reading), Moxee is the hometown of the El Dorado hop, which we feature in this here IPA.


Food pairing recommendations

Obviously teriyaki chicken, New England clam chowdah, chunky monkey ice cream



GLB Retail Store  – 473ml cans (March 2017)


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