RoboHop Imperial IPA

RoboHop Imperial IPA

ABV: 8.5%
IBUs: 100
Style: Imperial IPA
Serving Temp: 3-5C
Glassware: GLB Vienna (Tulip)

Tank Ten
Tasting Notes

RoboHop Imperial IPA is not a beer to trifle with. The unfiltered beer pours with a deep orange hue with a bright white head. The aroma is fantastic. Tropical fruits abound from the glass, which consist of passion fruit, guava, lemon with notes of white grape and evergreen mingling together. Makes you think of cotton-candy. Traces of soft warming alcohol notes are also detected. The full-bodied 8.5% Imperial IPA is very gentle on the palate, making it one sneaky bugger. Many of the aromas come through in the taste, resulting in a very pleasant juicy finish that’s slightly dry, and, as stated in the description – bracingly bitter. An easy-drinking Imperial IPA.


Food pairing recommendations

Szechuan chicken or blackened cajun catfish, Sharp blue and gorgonzola, Candied ginger, gulab jamun (Indian Sugar balls), Neal Brothers Srirachup Kettle Chips



GLB Retail Store  (March 2018)


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