Canuck Pale Ale: Most bang for your buck… still

Canuck Pale Ale_no-background_2017We have some news we’d like to share with you about our flagship brand, Canuck Pale Ale. As you all know, purchasing a can of Canuck brings a rush of endorphins the minute you step away from the cash register. You can’t wait to get home and crack into one. You also think to yourself, “I can’t believe that this 473ml can of deliciousness was only $2.65!” We know, a steal right!

First introduced in 2010 for the Vancouver Winter Olympics, Canuck Pale Ale has always been the underdog, much like our celebrated national athletes. Made available to the LCBO in 2011 in tallboy format, Great Lakes listed it at $2.50. The packaging wasn’t the greatest but the liquid inside, and at that price point, attracted a loyal following (you).

In 2014 the brewery decided to rebrand Canuck and Gordie Levesque was born. One year later, in 2015, the brewery then took the drastic step of increasing the price to, wait for it, $2.65, a .15 cent bump. Some people complained while others said, “what took you so long (accountants),” but we felt it was a fair increase. Canuck was, at $2.65 a can, the best deal in retail for the style (humbly said as we crack open our second can while writing this).

Three years have gone by since we made that change and in that time the price of everything has gone up. We won’t bore you with the financial details of our monthly hop bills (you’d weep). We won’t drown you with the soaring cost of water usage. And we wouldn’t dare talk you to death about taxation… instead, well, we’ll cut to the point of this story – Canuck Pale Ale will see a slight price increase as of Monday July 10th.

We waited as long as we could and avoided setting the increase before the Canada Day long weekend, but as of Monday, the new price for a 473ml can of fresh Canuck will be $2.80. This still means that Canuck remains the best priced West Coast style Pale Ale in the vast province of Ontario.

We hope you still love us.

We hope that Gordie Levesque will still have a home in your home (by the way, he loves what you’ve done with the kitchen!).

We didn’t come to this conclusion lightly. There was turmoil amongst the GLB ranks, but at the end of the day, after sharing some cans, we knew in our hearts this step needed to be taken so we could continue purchasing the best ingredients possible to keep Canuck tasting as it does, as it should.

Thank you for all of your support of our fiercely independent craft brewery. If you wanna chat about Canuck, or anything in general, we’re here for you. The hotline number is 416.255.4510 ext 237.

Team GLB

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