GLB Halloween Costume Ideas

Witches, vampires, goblins and ghosts are so yesterday. So are zombies, nurses, Barney the dinosaur, Fred and Wilma Flintstone and the cast from Full House. You can do better this Halloween and you can thank us here at GLB. Trade in that stinky old Frankenstein mask you’ve been keeping in a box in storage and dress […]

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Councillor Norm Kelly to Brew beer for charity

Press release below… Great Lakes Brewery Pleased to Welcome Councillor Norm Kelly Into The Brewhouse – Former Acting Mayor of the City of Toronto and Twitter star brewing his own beer for charity – April 25, 2016 (Toronto, ON): Great Lakes Brewery (GLB) is pleased to announce that on Tuesday April 26, Toronto City Councillor […]

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Hops for Hunger – GLB Food Drive

Hops for Hunger returns to Great Lakes Brewery. Between now and December 22nd, we’ll be “fighting to end hunger in our communities” with our annual Hops for Hunger food drive alongside Etobicoke’s Daily Bread Food Bank, Here’s how it works. Anytime a customer, like you awesome bunch, come to the brewery and purchases beer from the retail store, […]

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