#FreshGLBlacing Contest Returns

The best kind of contest is one where you get the opportunity to crack open a can of terrific beer and drink it…. right!

The #FreshGLBlacing contest, now in its fourth year, returns for a two-week run and we’re excited to see your many submissions.

Hit up your local LCBO, Grocery store, Beer Store, or come visit us here at the brewery to get some delicious GLB, then get your GLB glass polished and ready your camera. Take a drink. Then another one. Continue until the glass is empty, then capture that beautiful lacing with a photo. Take that picture and post on any of our social media channels using the #FreshGLBlacing hashtag and become beer famous! Well, famous to us at least.


  • It shows/tells the drinker that the beer was fresh and made using quality ingredients.
  • Beer clean glass
    • yes, lacing lets you know that the beer glass was beer clean.
    • A beer clean glass is free of any impurities: leftover sanitizer, beer, dirt, food, detergent, grease, chap stic, lipstick, lip balm, boogers, or anything else that would provide the escaping CO2 a spot to cling to.” – CraftBeer.com
  • If at a bar or restaurant – lines are clean, beer served at a good temperature.
  • You know you’re getting a great beer experience when points 1-3 line up.
  • It’s cool
    • it can remind you of how many sips you took to the bottom of the glass. Like counting the rings of a tree to determine its age.


  • Post your lacing images on your InstagramTwitter or Facebook accounts, tag @GreatLakesBeer and use the hashtag #FreshGLBlacing.
  • Tell us where you took the picture and what GLB beer provided the lacing.
  • And be sure to follow the @GreatLakesBeer account.
  • The contest will run from Sunday March 1st to Sunday March  15.


GLB staff will pore over all the submissions on Monday March 16 and select three winners. PINT (gold), Half pint (silver), Sample (bronze).

  • PINT
    • An unreal GLB package (gear, glassware) personal tour and tasting at GLB, lunch from The Wavy Wall Craft Kitchen
  • Half Pint
    • An unreal GLB swag package (Gordie Bucks and glassware) and a high-five
  • Sample
    • A collection of GLB glassware currently available at the retail store…and a high-five


  • When you submit your photo, GLB has the right to repost the image and also use it in future contests, promotions, marketing material, point of sale documents and may or may not provide photo credits
  • No limit on photo submissions
  • Must be resident of Ontario, Canada (To win GOLD)
  • Must be 19 years of age
  • Contest closes on March 15th
  • GLB not responsible for travel related costs for Gold prize winner

Have at it. Keep tippin’ your glass of #FreshGLB in the right direction.