GLB 30 Years – Favourite Moments with Industry Friends

Back in February of this year we invited a number of our close industry friends to the brewery to help brew up some collaboration beers on our 7bbl pilot system. We released those small one-off beers during the month of March. Beers like Alternative Facts (Writers), Brewers PA (Brewery friends), Ice Hole Pale Ale (Bar & Restaurant folks), and The Train Has Left the Station (friends & suppliers).

Each Friday for we welcomed our pals with a hug,┬áhad some beers, and throughout the day we stuck a camera in their faces and asked them to share their favourite GLB Moments with us. Some had to think long and hard about their answers. Some we couldn’t share onscreen…

Here are some awesome people sharing those moments. We hope that you enjoy this video and are out there creating your own moments with a #FreshGLB in hand!

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