This is the fifth GLB Barstool Chat in our new blog series that will introduce you to a number of amazing people running some of the best craft beer bars in Ontario. As they say in Law and Order – these are their stories.

Meet… Regan Irvine, owner and operator of The Irv Gastro Pub

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 10.00.54 AMThe Irv Gastro Pub
195 Carlton Street
Toronto, ON
web –

What is your role at the establishment
Owner / Operator

How many years have you been there?
3 Years

How many years in the industry?
20 Years

What GLB beer is currently available on tap?
GLB Blonde Lager and Red Leaf Lager

Favourite GLB beer?
Devil’s Pale Ale 666 (RIP) or Octopus Wants to Fight IPA

How did your establishment get started?
I always wanted to own my own place. I was unhappy with where I was working and the direction the restaurants were going in. My father had passed away and I knew if I was ever going to open my own spot I had to do it at that time, so I borrowed the money from my mom put my dads name on the front door and The Irv was born.

How would you describe your bar to a person who has never been there before?
I feel The Irv is a higher end pub, very bright and cozy with some of the best pub food in the city.

Where did the name originate from and what does it mean?
My last name is Irvine and everyone called my Dad Irv so one night I was sitting with a buddy trying to come up with a name and he said “The Irv” and to me I knew right away that I had to name it that.

Tell the GLB customers something about your establishment that the general public might not know.
We make everything fresh and nothing is frozen. Most pubs the beer is the feature and the food is the add-on. At The Irv over 65% of our sales are food. All of our proteins come from local farms with no use of steroids, antibiotics or any other chemicals. Food is our true passion and we are so happy GLB is a part of this amazing ride.

What is it that you love about the hospitality industry that gets reflected in your day to day role?
Besides marrying my wife, the day The Irv opened was the proudest day of my life and the thing I am most passionate about. To me this is the best job in the world, people are choosing to spend their hard earned money in something that my wife and I created, its crazy. I try my best to talk to each and every table and that is my favourite part of this entire thing. When people compliment our food, or ask me about my Dad that to me is what this entire journey is supposed to be about. I am super proud of The Irv and what it has become.

What other bars do you frequent when you’re not at your place?
I don’t really drink anymore so for me when I go to another bar I go because I want to eat. We live in the East end so the spots that we frequent are Morgan’s on the Danforth, Brooklyn Tavern on Queen, Kanpai Snack Bar in Cabbagetown.

Tell the GLB supporters out there reading this about your food menu. What makes it stand out?
We are a made from scratch kitchen and take our food very seriously. We change our menu every 12 weeks. We buy what is in season, for instance our summer menu just launched this week and I am super excited for people to try our Duck Burger, Lobster Mac N’ Cheese Grilled cheese and smoked back ribs. To me you can have a pint anywhere and the pint generally tastes the same wherever you are but with food it’s the main force behind The Irv.

Get it off your chest – what have you wanted to tell your customers that you haven’t up to date?
Because my wife and I are so involved in the business and we both bartend and serve a lot we are always in communication with our guest so there isn’t really too much I would like to tell them except Thank you for your continued support.

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