GLB: COVID-19 Update

To all of our valued supporters, retail store / taproom guests, vendors and craft beer drinkers

Great Lakes Brewery would like to share with you our plans regarding COVID-19. We consider the safety of our guests, partners, and staff a top priority as we navigate these uncertain times. Our goal is to keep you informed, in a timely manner, of any changes or disruptions to our business in order to keep you up to date with real information.

We would also like to share some of the steps we’ve taken to ensure the well-being of our staff and you, our customers. Cleanliness has always been, and will continue to be, important to us as a beverage company. We adhere to, and engage in, sound safety practices and cleaning processes, but with recent events, we have beefed up our efforts, which include the following:

  • All door handles leading into and out of the brewery, including, but not limited to public accesses, are being disinfected thoroughly and at regular intervals from open to close
  • All door handles for fridges are being disinfected thoroughly and at regular intervals from open to close
  • Our bar tops, draught towers, point of sale machines, sales terminals and other points of contact are being sanitized with disinfectant wipes thoroughly and at regular intervals from open to close  
  • Our bathrooms will receive hourly wipe downs and a thorough cleaning, including mopping floors, wiping down handles, sink, and any hard surfaces
  • Hand washing continues to be a huge priority, and a mandated one, in our industry, and our staff will continue engaging in this safe hygienic practice

Preventative Measures GLB is taking:

  • Telling staff members who are not feeling well to stay home
  • Telling all staff members who are currently out of country traveling that they will need to stay away from the brewery for at least one week upon their return
  • Avoiding handshakes and fist bumps with customers
  • We are encouraging customers who do not feel well to stay away from the retail store. You can order our beer online through the LCBO for home delivery
  • GLB has suspended all tastings on-site (LCBO, Grocery, Licensee) for the time being
  • We are currently reviewing our weekly events (Geeks Who Drink and Live at Five) and will closely monitor the recommendations of Ontario’s chief medical officer
  • Examining all scheduled GLB staff trips (We have canceled our trip to the Craft Brewers Conference in Texas)

Additional Items to Note:

  • GLB has invested significant dollars in state-of-the-art industrial dishwashers for our glassware, growlers, howlers, utensils and serving trays (The Wavy Wall Craft Kitchen). All mentioned items are cleaned following strict guidelines under extreme heat
  • We will continue to pre-fill our own growlers and howlers given that they undergo a thorough cleaning and sanitization before being filled

Great Lakes Brewery