GLB Curbside (Brewery Pick Up) – Let’s Do This

April 22, 2020

One of the things we appreciate the most is hearing from you. Since COVID-19 started, and forced us to shut down our retail store and taproom, and pivot over to free local home delivery, we’ve received hundreds of messages, texts, phone calls, etc., from you inquiring about curbside pick-up here at the brewery. 

We listened and replied to each note and continued to meet as a group to determine our next steps. Today, we’re happy to announce that curbside pick-up from #FreshGLB beer will commence again – starting tomorrow April 23rd.

This is another big shift for us. We’ve deployed a number of staff from all areas of the brewery to cover our home delivery sales, which have been tremendous (thank you), so we’re re-working our staffing model yet again to accommodate this new retail landscape. Bear with us as we roll this out.

 So, how does this work and what is the plan…? Once again we’ve interviewed ourselves to get all the answers.

Q. When does brewery curbside pick-up go live?
Glad you asked. We’ll have orders ready to pick up in our retail store tomorrow, April 23rd. 

Q. How do I order? 
It’s pretty easy. You go to our online shop (link here), select your #FreshGLB beer, head to check out and select “PICK UP” (Located under “Choose home delivery or brewery pick-up” heading) as your shipping option. You pay for your order and we’ll pick it.

Q. Is there a minimum order?
There is. 8pk minimum. No mix and match (see below).

Q. Can I mix and match beers? For example, can I get 2 Canuck, 2 Octopus, 2 Pompous and 2 Sunnyside?
Unfortunately not. We will be sticking with our 8 pack / 12 pack / 24 pack formats for curbside and home delivery.

Q. Will “same day” pick up be an option?
You betcha. If you place your order through our online shop, we’ll then pick the order and get it ready within one hour. After you place your order, you’ll receive an order confirmation email with details. Once the order has been picked by our team, you will then receive a second email notifying you that your order is ready for pick-up at the brewery.

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Q. What will your hours be for curbside pick up?
We’ll be running 12pm to 5pm on the days curbside is available for pick up.

Q. What days will this be available? 
Seven days a week.

Q. If I pull into the parking lot, can I just order my beer from a staff member?
No. However, you can pull out your phone (when the car is in park), head to our online shop, place your order and get it within minutes. Pretty convenient, eh!

Q. Is it safe? Will there be contact with staff? 
Of course it will be safe. We will have our garage door open (slightly), a barrier across it (a bar). Customers will place their ID on the bar top and we’ll slide over your order. No contact. No signature required.

Q. What do I do when I arrive?
A. There will be a confirmation email sent to you once you place an order. You’ll then get another email once the order is picked and ready for pick-up. In that email there will be a phone number. Call or text upon arrival so we can pull your order and have it ready for you to grab from our garage door entrance (in front of patio).

Q. Will a GLB staff member load my order into the car for me?
A. While we’d love to, we won’t be offering this option for the time being. Customers will have to load their purchased beer into their own vehicles. We will offer a behind the glass high-five though.

Q. Will express checkout allow me to select brewery pick-up?
A. Unfortunately not. Should you wish to do brewery pick-up, you’ll have to go through the regular payment procedure. From Shopify – “If the customer pays using Shop Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, or PayPal on the first step of the checkout, then the pickup option is not available. Customers cannot use express checkout options for pickup orders.”

If you have any questions, please hit us up at [email protected].com.


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With love,
GLB Family