Gordie Levesque, the ruggedly handsome lumberjack that graces the front of our Canuck Pale Ale can, loves this country. He makes sure to appreciate all that this nation offers and does his best to get out and explore its vast beauty, thusly creating #GordieMoments.

Whether he hits up Algonquin Park for a serene canoe, or mushes with huskies in Cannington, roasts marshmellows in the Muskokas or travels to Parliament Hill in Ottawa to rouse a crowd with the signing of our national anthem, Gordie takes advantage of his Canadian roots. All Gordie moments.

He also penned the following love letter to Canada…

“Canada is a special country, eh. It’s filled with natural rugged beauty: trees, mountains, water, wildlife, northern pike, moose, burly lumberjacks… err and of course, da #FreshGLB. It’s special to be Canadian. We are extremely proud of our people, our beauty, our nation. And though we love to see our flag waving in the northern wind, we don’t feel it’s important to wave it in other’s faces. You know, the Canadian way.

Yes, we are polite… We care for others. We care for our vast land. We help in any way we can. We proudly wear our country on our sleeve(s). That kindness, this passion, makes us stronger as a nation, and better as people. The envy of others, humbly. Sorry, eh!

We at Great Lakes Brewery, include all of these great Canadian characteristics into everything we make, which makes GLB a special place to be. To brew. To grow. To inspire. As the country celebrates 152 years, and we celebrate 32, we want to wish everyone in your family the very best from everyone in our family. To live in this country, we are truly strong and free! Canada, you da best. Keep tipping that glass in the right direction, hoser.

Love always, Gordie.”

So this Canada Day, get out and explore this country… preferably with a cold can of Canuck Pale Ale in your hand!