GLB Halloween Costume Ideas

Gordie Levesque Costume_Insta_Adam Kemp_2017Witches, vampires, goblins and ghosts are so yesterday. So are zombies, nurses, Barney the dinosaur, Fred and Wilma Flintstone and the cast from Full House.
You can do better this Halloween and you can thank us here at GLB. Trade in that stinky old Frankenstein mask you’ve been keeping in a box in storage and dress up like one of these outstanding citizens this October 31st (or this weekend of course).

Gordie Levesque
If you’re reading this post you’re likely Canadian, and what better way to standout… err, fit in this Halloween than by donning Gordie’s apparel. It’s easy too. Just look at the fine folks below who have rocked the outfit for Halloween’s past.

What you’ll need…
– Jeans
– red plaid shirt
– suspenders (red would be best)
– a real or fake black beard with a killer ‘stache
– boots
– red knit toque
– axe (can be found at Dollarama)… don’t walk around town with the real deal
– muscles

Roland Baggetts
Old crusty fisherman are great conversationalists at Halloween parties. They spend hours alone on a boat, so when they come ashore, whether in the summer or winter months, they seek attention and can spin the yarn with the best of them.

The good thing about dressing as our pal Roland is that you can do it in either summer garb or winter threads.

What you’ll need…
– a sou’wester hat
– a beard… but NO moustache
– a yellow raincoat and pants
– rubber boats

– a sou’wester hat
– the dopest yellow Hawaiian shirt with blue flowers
– cut off blue jean shorts with the cuff rolled up past thy knees
– black sport socks
yellow shower sandals
– a fish and flipper… or a toddler’s sand castle kit

Morty Jenkinson
This one requires a Dad Body, nerves of steel and the ability to withstand the cold temperature. That being said, you’ll definitely stand out amongst the crowd and be the star of the night.

What you’ll need…
– blue Dad shorts
– fake tattoo on upper arm in the shape of a heart
– blue crocs
– thinning hair
– thinning beard
– square black framed glasses
– hot dog
– ducky pool and garden hose
– can of Over My Dad Body pilsner and a bag of Doritos

My Bitter Wife
An historical period piece is never easy to put together, but this one will turn heads for sure and you’ll have a great story to go along with it. My Bitter Wife was named after Carrie Nation, one of the leading personalities of the temperance movement in the USA during the 1880’s. Known for her hatchetations, Carrie would visit saloons and taverns and with a bible in one hand and a hatchet in the other, she’d destroy the establishment.

What you’ll need…
– a bible
– a hatchet
– an old black dress
– round owl rimmed glasses
– a scarf
– a black shawl (cover back of head)
– attitude