The GLB Holiday Shopping List

If you missed out on our first ever Christmas Market on December 8th, well, that’s too bad. There were a lot of great local artisan vendors onsite selling some pretty amazing items. But, fear not, we have all the GLB merchandise you and your loved ones wish for this holiday season.

The GLB retail store wants to remind you that you can do ALL of your shopping with a #FreshGLB in hand here at 30 Queen Elizabeth Blvd! Or, you can crack a can at home and browse our online e-store.

From hats, toques, t-shirts and hoodies, to glassware, keychains and koozies, our retail shop has all the items that will make you a rockstar around the Christmas tree.

Here are some items we feel will have recipients of your gift giving screaming obscenities (based on pure joy of course).

Tallboy Koozie
Keep those delicate fingers warm and the beer cold with these GLB Tallboy Koozies! Our 473ml cans fit perfectly into these neoprene beauties, making you the coolest cat on the block when you show up to your neighbour’s holiday party!
Price – $5.65

GLB Lids
We had the same old navy blue flexfit hats for, like 3 years, but this summer we turned a page, and some heads, but upgrading our selection of GLB hats. We spiced things up with new colours and varieties, like structured high panel flat visor snapbacks. Our newest lid, the Gordie Levesque chapeau, has a plaid pattern under the visor, a beaming Gordie on the front has been very popular in our store.
Price – $30.00

The GLB Colouring Book
We designed this GLB colouring book for the kid in you… or your kids. Whichever sounds better to you.24 characters to colour plus 3 white pages to draw your own potential ‘future’ GLB character! Artwork by Patrick Corrigan, Garnett Gerry and Fabian Skidmore.
Price – $5

GLB Crewneck & Hoodie Embroided Sweaters
Stay warm and beautiful in these embroidered Campus Crewnecks / Hoodies. Whether you’re playing shinny or heading out for a night on the town, you’ll get noticed. Soft insides
Price – $50 & $60

GLB Glassware
We’re one of those breweries that take our glassware very seriously. Each year we meet with our suppliers to conduct numerous tastings with new glass designs to see how it enhances the aromas and flavours in our beer. This is why we have a number of different glassware options available in our store. Pick the right one for the right beer and you’re golden!
Price – $5 to $10
GLB Glassware
Turn your bedroom, your den, your office… (you get the picture) into a GLB themed sanctuary with a wide variety of our 11″ x 17″ posters! Know a friend that has hideous wallpaper? Have an acquaintance that did the worst paint job? Well, our posters have been great at beautifying homes across Ontario for years.
Price – $5

Metal GLB Tin Tackers
Quit stealing signage from bars and restaurants. We know, the signs look great and look cool in your basement, but you’ll feel better if you buy directly from us and avoid a vandalism charge. Round GLB tacker signs, 12″ in diameter, are classy and make great gifts for great people.
Price – $15.00

GLB Beanie
Whether you’re bald and need to keep that bare noggin warm, or you’re simply looking for a cool toque, grab this GLB beanie lid at the great price of only $12! Good fit for women and men, show up at the next winter beer fest repping Etobicoke’s finest.
Price – $12.00