Beer Yoga you Say?

Summer has thus far offered us it’s bountiful fruit. Fruit being 30c weather that makes it feel like 40c…With weather this warm, it calls for some #FreshGLB right here at the brewery. But...
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Episode #2 – Between Two Fermenters – OCB President on Hot Seat

After receiving 4 accolades* and 3 workplace warnings following the inaugural episode of Between Two Fermenters, Alex Whitlow is back to to take on Scott Simmons, President – Ontario Craft...
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CONTEST ALERT – Rock the Dad Bod

ROCK THE DAD BODY THIS FATHER’S DAY!  Morty Jenkinson is our kind of guy. A family man. A craft beer drinker. A fan of hot dogs and drinking from the garden hose. A man who has built a temple;...
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Sunnyside Session IPA is Back, Baby!

The unofficial start of the beer season is back. We know this because Sunnyside Session IPA is back, bringing with it the patio, beach outings, hotdogs in the backyard, grass cutting… all...
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Teaser – Episode #2: Between Two Fermenters

Episode 2 of the wildly successful Between Two Fermenters, a new web series created by GLB, in which ratings captured the attention of TV executives the world over, features the President of the...
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Pop-up: GLB + The Rolling Pin = Beer Donuts

June 1st is National Doughnut Day, we missed the boat on that, but it turns out that the following week is International Jelly-Filled Doughnut Day! (We have looked into this very vigorously…)...
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GLB – 16th Annual Charity BBQ

Now in its 16th year, the annual GLB Charity BBQ, which is free to attend, brings together the COMMUNITY for a fun-filled day in an effort to raise money for an organization that goes above and...
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CONTEST ALERT – #OctopusWantsToFight Photo Submission

We pray, with all eight arms, that you’ve noticed Octopus Wants to Fight IPA on your local LCBO store shelves, on tap at your favourite local establishment and trust that cans are making a...
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Meet Baylee Bonnell

If you’ve been to the GLB retail store and taproom, you’ll have dealt with Baylee. The tremendously upbeat craft beer slinger can not only pour a mean glass of #FreshGLB, but she is also...
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Yours to Discover

On March 26th a special thing happened – A collaboration beer was brewed at Great Lakes in partnership with The Terroir Symposium. GLB and Beau’s All Natural Brewery worked on an All...
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Between Two Fermenters Debuts

Alex Whitlow, GLB’s Events & Partnerships Manager, wants to take you on a journey. A journey behind the Ontario craft brewing scenes, interviewing esteemed members of the beer community...
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Beer Schwing!! Pale Ale – Georgapalooza

If you follow the Ontario Craft beer industry closely, you’ll know him. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of drinking beer with him, you’ll remember that first pint forever. If you...
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