Happy CANUCK Day!!

July 1, 2020

A special Canada Day message from your favourite lumberjack, Gordie Levesque

Allo, Gordie Levesque here.

Well, here we are all are, quite a different Canada Day, or as I like to call it, Canuck Day, compared to last year. Still, traditionally, July 1st is a celebration of our fine country. A country made up of individuals and communities that share in the great pride of calling ourselves Canadian. And, although that pride includes mutual respect, kindness, compassion and inclusion, it can sometimes still be challenging. And these days of isolation are indeed challenging times.

Although our True North may not feel so free these days, we definitely remain strong. Our flag may be red and white, but really, it’s made up of many colours. As well as many backgrounds, many cultures and many traditions. Many that originated here long ago, and many that came here from other great lands. One thing we can all embrace and enjoy is the rugged natural wilderness that makes our country truly unique. Uniquely Canadian. With this unification in mind, it’s important we continue to check in on each other and stay connected.

Even better connecting over a fresh Canuck, virtually or socially distanced. We are a kind people, and it’s more crucial than ever to be kind to each other. When we do, we feel secure knowing we can make it through anything. We always have, we always do, and we always will.

That said, all the best to all of you, today and every day, from me, Gordie, and the fine fine folks at Great Lakes Brewery. Take care of yourself and each other. And remember to always drink Canuck Pale Ale nice and fresh.

With love,
GLB Family