Welcome, Miss Malt…

Hello loyal GLB followers! It’s been too long. We apologize for our 4 month blogging hiatus but we are back online! So we have lots to catch up on, yes? Let’s get started. First off, this is my very first attempt at writing a blog (So beer with me – bad pun). Don’t worry the jokes only get better from here. I am new to the world of brewing but a veteran to the world of beer drinking. I have learned so much in the short five months that I have been with Great Lakes Brewery and am eager to learn everything there is to know about beer so I can pass the information on to you guys!

Check us out tonight, Friday February 3rd at Winterlicious. This event showcases local restaurants and pairs them with local craft breweries to provide a truly unique dining experience. Great Lakes Brewery has been paired with the Lazy Daisy Café and together we have put together quite a delicious dish. The Lazy Daisy’s famous beef chili has been infused with our award winning Red Leaf Amber Lager. We will also be serving some of our brand new Porter called Harry Porter and a new English Pale Ale called Pompous Ass which is a part of our Tank Ten Series. I’m looking forward to a great night with some wicked food and beer! I encourage everyone to comment and make suggestions because as you will find out – I love to talk and your input makes for good blog material so get to it folks!

Stay tuned for next week’s blog where I will be talking more about the Tank Ten Series: our anniversary beer line-up, and the next Project X event!

Miss Malt

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