Project X Night in Canada!

Oh Canada! This Thursday’s Project X promises to be the most Canadian experience you’ll attend this year (unless the Leafs make it to the playoffs – that would just be ridiculous).
It is… Project X Night in Canada!
A night celebrating all things Canadian: beer, hockey, and back bacon sandwiches. I know…I’m salivating as I type. We will be broadcasting the Toronto – Philly game for your viewing pleasure and serving you back bacon on a bun with the option of veggie burgers for vegetarians. Our feature beers for the evening include a coffee stout called Morning, Morning with coffee brought to you by Fair Trade, Organic Coffee on Lakeshore Blvd; Pompous Ass English pale ale which is part of our Tank Ten Series; and Robohop Imperial I.P.A. which is perfect for those who crave an intense, flavorful, hoppy beer. Bringing a date to Project X? Don’t worry, we’ve cooked something up that will help you score this valentines day. Score – hockey theme….Let’s try to keep it clean people. We present to you a lovely 5% lager brewed with beets, chamomile, and pomegranate. Also being poured – mulled Winter Ale: we’ve added even more spices to the mix and this one will be served warm. So come get your last taste of Winter Ale for the season.
Oh! I almost forgot, we will also be bringing in an air hockey table for the evening. As many of you know we attempted to build a skating rink outside the brewery for this event, however Mother Nature would not cooperate with us this year. So…save the skates for another day but start brushing up on your air hockey skills and challenge me to a game if you dare!
Remember to rep your favorite hockey team – jersey, foam finger, toque (your choice) – and we’ll see you on February 9th at 6:30 pm sharp! (Can’t find us? Look for the wading pool out front :) )
Next week: Beer Talk – Anniversary beers and Tank Ten series
‘Til next time,

Miss Malt

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