Heads up London! GLB Heading Your Way!

The City – London, ON.
The Venue – Milos’ Craft Beer Emporium
The Date – Saturday November 17th

Pull up your calendar on your computer. Get out your day planners. We seriously believe that you should stop reading this right now and make sure you’ve taken the appropriate steps to ensure that you have it booked off in your schedule accordingly.

Cool. Now that it’s in your agenda, we’ll proceed with some information about this killer event.

Yes, the Great Lakes team is heading down the 401 to INVADE Milos’ Craft Beer Emporium at 420 Talbot Street on Saturday November 17th. There will be a ticketed session between 4pm and 7pm that will set you back $20. With that you’ll receive 6 drink tickets and will have the first opportunity to try some of the, are you ready for this? Wait for it… 23 Great Lakes beers that we’ll be bringing with us!! That’s right! We’re going to take over ALL the taps at Milos’ and we’ll even have some very special bottles of our Dirtbag McQuaig’s Malt Liquor For Fine Gentlemen. The $20 ticket price will also allow you to meet our talented brewer, Mike Lackey, and some other GLB personnel.

The doors to the general public will open at 7:30pm, but be warned – some of the beers may or may not last that long.

How do you go about getting tickets? I know, who wouldn’t right? All you have to do is call the fine folks at Milos’ and they’ll help you out. The number to call: 519.601.4447

Keep an eye out for the list of beers we’ll be offering as we inch closer to the actual event date. We’ll post them here, on our Facebook page, and through our Twitter account!

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