Mash Tun

Crushed malted barley is added to hot water: enzymes break down the starch in the barley to produce sugars needed to make alcohol.


We boil the wort for about 90 minutes and add our hops and spices (for seasonal beers) at this stage.

Wort Cooler

Chills the wort after it has gone through the whirlpool to the optimum temperature for our yeast.


Yeast goes to work on the wort, eating the sugars; Produces alcohol, CO2, and flavour. We use two separate yeasts, one for our ales, the other for our lagers.

Bottling Line

Round she goes! We do approximately 40 bottles (standard 341ml size) per minute, or 14 of our seasonal ales (650ml bottles).

Canning Line

Our newest addition, the cask machine churns out 30 cans a minute. That’s a lot of Devil’s Pale Ale!

Finished Product

Fresh bottles of Pumpkin Ale  in our retail store: The finished product — visit our brewery and try some for yourself!