Introducing – GLB Taste & Tutor: Beer Education

tutor-v1On January 16th, we hosted a mini event here at the brewery. Four lucky contest winners and their friends came to GLB to drink some #FreshGLB, paired with a variety of cheeses, talked beer and learned the basics behind it.
It proved quite popular, it got us thinking about hosting more private tastings here at the brewery…
With this mind, we have decided to officially launch GLB Taste & Tutor. The first class, yes, class, will commence on Thursday February 1st. Exciting right? We’ll then host one every two weeks (see dates/tickets below) on Thursdays. GLB will host 8 people here at the brewery, and the Taste & Tutor session will run from 6.30pm – 8pm.
GLB Taste & Tutor includes five x 5oz pours of beer, five different cheeses, and the 1.5 hour session will be taught by any one of our Prud’homme Level 1 Certified staff. The class will cover topics ranging from the brewing process, ingredients used in beer, GLB history, and pairing the beers and cheeses together. And just like in school, there will be a quiz at the end of it all. Successful completion will get you a GLB Taste & Tutor Certificate, which we’re sure you’ll take great pride in and will likely place in your living room, kitchen or the east wing of your great library. Sir Fuggled Doublebottom would be proud!
The price for GLB Taste & Tutor will be $25 per person. Tickets will be available in person at our retail store as of January 25th. Tickets are also available online by clicking here. Availability is on a first come, first serve basis.
There is a Q and A below if you have any questions about it all.
We look forward to welcoming people into the brewery and hope you enjoy GLB Taste & Tutor as much as we have enjoyed putting it together.
Alistair Thain
GLB Internal Events & Experiences Manager
Thursday February 1, 2018
Thursday February 15, 2018
Thursday March 1, 2018
Thursday March 15, 2018
Thursday March 29, 2018

GLB Taste & Tutor Q and A

What exactly do I get during GLB ‘Taste & Tutor’?
You will each get 5 x 5oz pours of GLB Beer which will accompany 5 different cheeses each. You will also get a Certificate along with an hour and half of one of our lovely member of staff’s time! They will go over the brewing process, ingredients and GLB history and the history of beer itself.
How do I purchase tickets for the GLB Taste & Tutor and how much will it cost?
Tickets for GLB Taste & Tutor will be available in our Retail Store and online (BUY TICKETS HERE). Tickets are priced at $25 per person, tax included.
What time does the GLB Taste & Tutor start?
The GLB Taste & Tutor will start at 6:30pm, although we encourage people to turn up a wee bit beforehand where One of our retail staff will show you where the session will be held.
Can the GLB Taste & Tutor be on another day? Thursday’s don’t work for me.
Unfortunately, as of now, every 2 weeks on a Thursday are the only day that the GLB Taste & Tutor will be held. You are more than welcome to partake in a 12oz glass or a ‘Tour of the Taps’ tasting that involves a flight of 5oz pours from our retail store tap room.
Help! I’ve booked in a session and I can no longer make it. Can I reschedule it for another day?
Of course you can! We appreciate things popping up last minute. Just let us know and we can arrange it for another Thursday.
Why are you only making it available for 8 people at a time?
We want to make it as personal and enjoyable as possible and feel 8 people is the best number for the GLB Taste & Tutor to actually happen.
Is there a maximum amount of tickets I can purchase if I want to book in a group?
There isn’t. You are more than welcome to purchase the full allocation of 8 tickets per session if you do desire, but please be aware the maximum number is still only 8.
Is parking available at the brewery?
You are more than welcome to park in the retail car park of the brewery. Because it is a beer tasting we encourage people to reach the brewery by alternative means (TTC, Taxi, etc).
If you have any other questions that haven’t been brought up then please email [email protected] for any other inquiries.

Thursday February 1, 2018
Thursday February 15, 2018
Thursday March 1, 2018
Thursday March 15, 2018
Thursday March 29, 2018