Let's have a pint … David Bieman

IMG_6463This is the ninth installment in our new blog series that will allow you to get to know the GLB family – the people behind the beer from production to sales to front office.
Let’s have a pint…with David Bieman. 
Provide your full name & position
David Bieman – Sales & Branding
How long have you been at GLB?
7 + years
Name your favourite GLB beer & non GLB beer
GLB – Canuck Pale Ale
Non GLB – Swansea homebrew Saison
Name your favourite Tank Ten beer
What is the best part of working in the beer industry?
The craft beer community.
Which craft beer bar would you recommend to a friend?
Bar Hop on King Street, Toronto
What do you do when you’re not doing “beer” stuff?
Going to the cottage. Riding the horses.
Name the band/artist we’d find currently playing on your iPod
Ray Lamontange