Meet Patrick Corrigan – GLB's New Resident Artist

17342621_10158425508065077_1765237491557268707_nWe’d like to take a second to introduce you GLB’s new artist – Patrick Corrigan.
The Toronto Star editorial cartoonist joined the GLB family back in November and has already been busy creating new and memorable characters for new beers.
We took a second to ask Patrick some questions so you could get to know him better.
GLB: Welcome to the GLB team. Tell our loyal supporters a little about Patrick Corrigan.
PC: Thanks for the big welcome and hello to all the Great Lakes fans, wherever you are. I guess we first met up at one of the first HopSpiels, when I helped coach your GLB team to some great victories…naturally! Anyways glad you guys remembered me when this opportunity came up.
My wife Sue-Ann and I curl three days a week at The Royal Canadian Curling Club and waiting for some more GLB folks, other than Jaime Dobbs (Territory Account Manger, Toronto East), to catch the curling bug (though I have seen Fabian (GLB Graphic Design) in long underwear there on a few occasions. Luckily we have Canuck on tap at the club and Pompous Ass in cans to get through the long winter.
GLB: How long have you been drawing political cartoons for Canadian newspapers (Toronto Star)?
PC: I started full-time at the Star in 1982 as staff illustrator, and graduated to political cartoons in the 90’s. I “retired” officially a few years ago, but the paper still lets me (hooray) do the weekly Saturday cartoon.
GLB: How many cartoons have you done over the years and where can people see some of them?
PC: I guess about 2,173 by now…but who’s counting?! I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and keep an old-school website, (not sure why really, as all the social media outlets are free, no money). Also I’m in the National Archives as well as Toronto Archives, if for some reason anybody ever stumbles into one those institutions.
GLB: What was your first GLB drawing and where did the inspiration come from?
PC: The Puzzled Huntsman was the first effort that came mainly from David Bieman’s (GLB Territory Sales Manager & Branding) sad childhood, where he was forced as an infant to hunt foxes on a Canadian Forces Artillery range (this is completely made up…). We softened the label a bit so his trauma wouldn’t resurface.

GLB: What is the biggest challenge / difference between drawing political cartoons and beer labels?
PC: Well mostly you won’t see Donald Trump or Giorgio Mammoliti on beer labels….well, not yet anyways…ha ha. Political cartoons mostly target greedy, insufferable, egomaniacal, power-hungry politicians. Beer labels target happy beer drinkers! Way more chill.
GLB: Do you have any characters in your portfolio that you’d like to see on a GLB beer can one day?
PC: Well I have this old caricature of The Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia….and another little character Flea (a symbol of oppression and the downtrodden) that might look kinda heroic on a beer can someday. (See Images Below)
Cheers folks!
Toronto East or West?
Ales or Lagers?
Favourite bar in Toronto?
Used to be Brass Taps on the Danforth, but Jimmy moved on, so I have to walk a little farther to The Only…25 taps or so, not bad!
When you’re not drawing, what do you get up to?
Golf, curling, biking, some volunteering, extensive exotic beer-related travel..y’know, like Hamilton, Parkdale, The Junction
Twitter Handle
Favourite GLB beer?
Audrey Hopburn Belgian IPA and Canuck Pale Ale