Meet Some More New Faces at GLB

We here at GLB pride ourselves on being a fun bunch. We work in the beer business after all! And so when we decide to expand the GLB family we look for people that not only have experience in their respective fields, but also those that want to have a good time coming into the brewery each morning. To be part of something special – getting #FreshGLB out the door to Ontario consumers one can, one case, one keg at a time.

Recently we’ve added some lines on the family tree and we’d like to introduce you to them now.

Gabriel Nijmeh
Inventory & Purchasing Manager

I spent 8 years as one of the organizers of Toronto Beer Week and watched first hand as craft beer developed in Toronto. Watching friends turn their dreams into thriving breweries is a fulfilling experience! I also worked at Cowbell Brewing for almost 2 years, and learned a lot of the ins and outs of sales and analytics. Now, I’m excited to be part of GLB and get to experience working with a team of humble, passionate and hard-working people who produce some of the best beers in Ontario! 

Favourite GLB Beer: THRUST! an IPA… have a lot of great memories enjoying this beer with friends. And from our core line-up, Octopus Wants to Fight.

Not-So-Secret- Thing: I love music and can’t be in a room, car… anywhere without having tunes on! If a room is quiet, I’m the first to crank the music! Also love playing and coaching sports, especially baseball and hockey. Spend a lot of time at ball parks in summer and hockey arenas in winter. 

Laura Martin

I am Laura Martin, from Windsor, Ontario.  Moved to Toronto in 1989 and started working at Upper Canada Brewing as the receptionist and I have worked in this business ever since.  I landed in the Distribution / Customer service area many years ago and found that I like to work with people as a team in this environment. Creating strong working and personal bonds with fellow employees turned out to be very important to me.   Along with this interest I have also been fortunate enough to work in a small animal clinic for many years.  I was given the opportunity to be a part of and learn about the care of animals specifically cats and dogs which has always and continues to be of great interest to me.

Favourite GLB Beer: Sunnyside Session IPA but I have not had them all yet so that may change, I look forward to trying them all.

Not-So-Secret- Thing: I like reading urban fiction and cat murder mysteries (the Cat Who series in particular).

Austin Roach
Packaging Manager

Who am I and what makes me, me?  I’m a kid from the Danforth who has always loved good beer. I have a degree in Electrical Engineering and a diploma in Brewing Operations. While I do not believe in 100%, I strive to get as close as possible in my work. My ultimate desire is to be a good example to my son. He may only be 16 months old but I have worked hard my entire adult life to try to build him a better future.

Favourite GLB Beer: This is a tough one. Back in the day Devil’s Pale Ale was it for me. Then brands like Canuck and Octopus came along.  I suppose if I had to say what I would drink today, it would be Meanwhile… Down in Moxee IPA.  That beer just got me…

Not-So-Secret- Thing: HA! Fabulous Fabian and many others will attest to this – I love love LOVE 80’s synthpop.  So take on me!