Meet Some Of the New Faces Around GLB

As word spreads across Ontario about #FreshGLB, demand for Canuck Pale Ale, Octopus Wants to Fight IPA, Pompous Ass English Ale and other Tank Ten and 7 Barrel Series offerings go up.

In order to ensure that retail locations across the province get properly stocked, and our retail store and taproom experiences are the best for customers, we’ve beefed up our staffing needs here at GLB. And we’d like to introduce you to some of these new faces around these parts.

Jen Reinhardt
Retail Channel Sales Manager

I’m Jen! I got into craft beer through home brewing and a blog! Myself and my partner would blog about brewing and beer festivals. We met a lot of people in the industry at that time. Then, I started Society of Beer Drinking Ladies with 4 other industry gals and got my first start at GLB, doing events and tastings!

Favourite GLB Beer: Canuck Pale Ale

Not-So-Secret- Thing: I have a passion for cooking, walking my adorable Pug Frenchie and I started playing baseball last year, so I have been training and strategizing for this years season in the Restaurant and Bar league!

Emily Desautels
Retail Territory Manager (Grocery)

I’m a pretty sociable person, so whatever I’m doing involves friends. I’m raising my 12 year old daughter, so that takes up a good amount of time. I love getting out to snowboard in the winter, mountain bike and cottaging in the summer – the usual Canadian stuff. 

I’m really excited to help grow GLB’s presence in the grocery and LCBO channels, as well as continue to expand in emerging retail markets. I’m also looking forward to contributing to a winning softball team! 

Favourite GLB Beer: Canuck Pale Ale and Meanwhile… Down in Moxee.

Not-So-Secret- Thing: I’m fortunate that my family owns The Wooly and other restaurants that have been all about craft beer and local food since the get go (30+ years).

David Chung
Retail Territory Manager

Hey, I’m David! I’ve worked at Great Lakes for about 2 years, but you probably know me from the Taproom downstairs. Nowadays, you’ll find me out on the road, bringing all the freshest, and tastiest Great Lakes beers to LCBOs near you! 

I love camping and hiking (I’ve been to most provincial parks in Ontario, as far as Thunder Bay, and James Bay!) and usually do a few solo trips through the year. When I’m in the city, I love going out to concerts, or just hanging out at home playing Nintendo. And of course, I have a passion for all things craft beer!
If you see me out and about, stop and say Hi! Cheers!

Favourite GLB Beer: Karma Citra

Not-So-Secret- Thing: I’m double jointed

Andrew Morra
Retail Territory Manager

Morra on right.

Hey everyone! I’m a member of the retail channel sales team. My roots come from the LCBO, where I worked as a beer ambassador, developing my passion for craft beer. After working for the company and graduating with my undergraduate degree, I decided that I wanted to work in the craft beer industry. What better way to spread good beer than to work as a sales rep? As such I set out to acquire business experience, and once I had finished my certificate, I found a new home – one with Great Lakes Brewery!

Favourite GLB Beer: THRUST! an IPA and Saison DuPump, and my favourite style is sour. Raspberry Universe is looking to take my number 1 spot soon

Not-So-Secret- Thing: At home I’m a real geek – I love superhero movies and Magic: the Gathering. I’m passionate about herpetology and have a soft spot for frogs. I also started cellaring wine just over a year ago.

Sarah Heatley
Licensee Sales Support

Hey! I’m Sarah Heatley and I’m GLB’s Sales Support person.

I enjoy playing volleyball, drinking beer, and riding my bike in my free time.

Favourite GLB Beer:Audrey Hopburn.

Not-So-Secret- Thing: I’m very superstitious but I have 2 black cats so I am unable to cross any paths in my house.

April Carriera
Retail Store & Taproom

I moved to Toronto to attend Ryerson University for Arts and Contemporary Studies. Forever loving and exploring this urban life with my 3 year old boy, and our wiener dog, Charlie. I always have my passport ready in hand. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to and explore 12 different countries.

When I’m not planning my next trip, you can find me hosting a party, in a yoga class, looking at art, or enjoying a #FreshGLB on a blanket in the sunshine. 

Favourite GLB Beer: My favourite GLB beer is a nice cold Octopus Wants to Fight IPA.

Not-So-Secret- Thing: I started running this winter. While the weather is getting better and the running is easier, I actually miss having to layer up for a run.

Markus Tralman-Baker
The Wavy Wall Craft Kitchen

If I am to describe myself I would say that I am ambitious. I want to gain knowledge in whatever task or activity that I am doing so I can succeed in it. I take great pride in my cooking and want to become one of the best Chef’s in Canada.

Favourite GLB Beer: Canuck Pale Ale. It was the first beer that I ever tasted by GLB and the one I enjoy the most.

Not-So-Secret- Thing: Taking pictures of nature is one of my ways to relax. Astrophotography is something that I hope to delve into.

Skylar Panavas
Retail Store & Taproom

I have recently moved back to Ontario and am pumped to be working for GLB. I have spent the majority of my adult life traveling different parts of both Canada and the world. My career path has had me working in all aspects of tourism and hospitality. I started in the industry working in a hostel in Bondi Beach, Australia. I then moved on to work entertainment for Carnival Cruise Lines for many years. And most recently found myself bar tending at a local pub in Whistler BC.

Favourite GLB Beer:Hate to say it but my favourite beer is the Canuck. It’s our top seller for a reason.

Not-So-Secret- Thing: Some not so secret secrets about me are, that I am a second generation Dead Head. I went to my first Grateful Dead show at the age of 2 and saw roughly 30 shows by the time I was 8. I have been on over 150 cruises. And I should be a much better golfer than I am.

Becky Woodford
Retail Store & Taproom

Born and raised in Connecticut, I’ve just moved to Toronto’s East End and am excited to have found a new brewery family at Great Lakes! I’ve been working in the craft beer industry for just under 2 years, but I’ve been obsessing over craft beers since I’ve been of legal age to drink! 

Favourite GLB Beer:Octopus Wants to Fight IPA 

Not-So-Secret- Thing: I think I tire my friends and family out with constantly looking for the next big adventure. It’s one of the reasons I love craft beer – there’s always somewhere and something new to experience! 

Juliana Mills
Retail Store & Taproom

I’m a leafs fan from Montreal. Shhh. Don’t tell. My background is in communications and content marketing (with an (unfortunately documented) stint in TV). I’m really excited for the opportunity to learn all about one of my favourite things from the best in the business. Also, I love cats to an unhealthy degree, and I’m not ashamed of it. 

Favourite GLB Beer:Octopus Wants to Fight IPA and Raspberry Universe Saison.

Not-So-Secret- Thing: I’ve played soccer and hockey for over 20 years. I’m a freelance photographer.