Mini-Doc: The Artists of Great Lakes Brewery

The art and the artists behind the brands you know and love from Great Lakes Brewery.

This 9 minute mini-doc takes you behind the scenes with the GLB artists who share secrets about their process, how they come up with the look, which beer labels are their favourites and much more.

In typical GLB fashion, there is humour. There is lots of colour. There are stories about the naming of beers and there are lots of examples (labels, pre and post work) shown throughout the video.

With each interview, you’ll get a better understanding of how and why we choose different artists for different beers and next time your crack a can of your favourite GLB beer we hope you’ll take an extra second to admire the artists’ work. You’ll hear from Patrick Corrigan, Fabian Skidmore, Mike Lackey, Baylee Bonnell and Dylan Bonneville.

Shot over 6 months (it’s hard to get artists all together in one room on the same day), there were over 75 beers consumed during filming. Lackey lost numerous reading glasses. Over 20 new beers and labels were created.

*Directed and Edited by DMJ Hodge and Produced by Troy Burtch.