Pricing Increase – What you need to know

With our recent announcement about some GLB price increases, and in an effort to be transparent and upfront, we’d like to answer a few questions that might be floating around in your noggin’.

Please see the hard-hitting questions we asked ourselves below. If at the conclusion of this post, if you still have any questions or comments, please feel free to shoot us an email or call us at the brewery for a chat (416.255.4510, ext 237).

Q – So, a $.10 increase for Canuck Pale Ale, Pompous Ass English Ale and Octopus Wants to Fight IPA, eh! What gives?

A – Well, yes, $.10 cents each, per 473ml can. That is correct. We strongly feel that both Canuck Pale Ale and Pompous Ass English Ale, with their new price, are still the best valued craft beers available in the province (LCBO, Grocery stores, The Beer Store and the GLB Retail store). As for Octopus Wants to Fight IPA, the price of other IPAs have gone up over the years, but we stayed at $3.25. Bumping the price up a dime to $3.35 and not $3.50 just seemed appropriate and fair for all parties (you and us). All the increases keep all those brands affordably attainable and allow us to continue doing what we do best – brewing amazing (humbly said) beer for Ontario.

Q – Why now?

A – Why not? We knew we needed to revisit our pricing strategy moving into 2020 and after our holiday hangover(s) wore off, we went to work on amending prices for various brands.

Q – Didn’t you just increase your prices?

A – Well, if you call 2017 recent, then yes, but around here that was ages ago. And, that was just for Canuck Pale Ale, moving from $2.65 to $2.80. But, really, the last pricing increase we implemented across multiple brands was way back in 2015. We take great pride in making awesome beer and selling it to you at reasonable prices. It makes us feel good.

Q – Will these increases finally help GLB purchase that island somewhere hot?

A – That would be pretty cool, but the commute to glorious Etobicoke would kill us and it wouldn’t be good for the environment. This increase will help us continue to purchase the very best ingredients in order to maintain the #FreshGLB that you’ve come to know and love. It will also help us grow, maintain and improve upon our brewing equipment and facility while investing in our people.

Q – What about your other IPAs? Both the Tank Ten Series brands and those in the 7 Barrel Series?

A – All of our Tank Ten and 7 Barrel Series IPAs under the “American Style” will go from $3.25 to $3.35, just like Octopus Wants to Fight IPA. All “New England style” IPAs that come from both series will continue to retail for $3.50 (473ml can). Brands like RoboHop NE IIPA, Fine Young Cannibal Chickens, Furthermore… You Forgot to Mention Bigfoot, etc., in the Double / Imperial IPA category will stay at $4.50.

Q – And Brands like Absacker Helles, Blue Caboose Pils, Frühschoppen, Blonde Lager, Red Leaf Lager and other recurring beers in the Lager family – what about them?

A – This one is easy – no changes will take place. Prices continue to range in the $2.30 to $3.00 bracket depending on the brand.

Q – What does all this mean for case prices? Will they be going up too?

A – Canuck and Pompous currently sell at $54.00 a case in the GLB retail store and at the Beer Store, which is a terrific deal, right! We think that is a fair price, so we’ll be staying firm at $54, which equals to $2.25 per can… just sayin’. As for Octopus cases, they retail right now for $72.00 at the retail store and that remains unchanged too. Case pricing at the LCBO / Grocery store will remain at 24 individually priced cans (ex. Canuck, $2.90 x 24).

There you have it, folks. Questions to answers we think you were pondering answered. As mentioned above, drop us a line or shoot us an email if you’d like to continue this interview…

Thank you for your continued support of our fiercely independent craft brewery. Remember to keep tippin’ your glass of #FreshGLB in the right direction.