This week have been times of reflection here at GLB…

On Saturday (September 28) GLB was invited to represent the Ontario Craft Brewers Association (OCB) at a roundtable meeting with Stan Cho (MPP), and the Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Finance, to discuss our industry – craft brewing. The MPP was visiting with the wine, cider, distillery and craft brewing industries on the same day in the Niagara region.

The purpose of this meeting was to gather more information about the challenges we face, collectively, and to allow the OCB and its member breweries to share insights and recommendations regarding necessary changes for future growth and sustainability in the province.

Because of the location of this fact finding mission, the local MPP (Sam Oosterhoff) was in attendance, who does not have involvement in the alcohol portfolio.

Our presence at the meeting was to provide direct, face-to-face recommendations to the sitting Government, something GLB has done in the past with MPPs of all parties. A picture was taken with all the two MPPs and Board members of the OCB (brewery owners, including ours). It was definitely not the right thing to do.

We employ approximately 62 people in our community while providing a safe, inclusive and progressive workspace. Our focus is on producing the best beer in ON to be enjoyed by EVERYONE.

We, as a brewery, who run our business like that of a large family, do not share the values of MPP Oosterhoff. Period.

We are acutely aware of the impact that this association has on the lives and freedoms of others. This has brought awareness to us of our responsibility to be not only mindful, but proactive in the choices that we make as both individuals and as a small business.