Roland Baggetts – On the Record talking Sunnyside Session IPA

roland-assets copyRoland Baggetts gets so many interview requests from various international mass media outlets that he asked us to put together this FAQ document so he could focus on relaxing on the beach in his socks and sandals.

Here are some of the most asked questions he receives. Have one to ask him yourself, use #AskRolandBaggetts on social media and we’ll wake him from his naps to get you the answer!

Roland, what is your preferred sunscreen brand and what makes it stand out amongst the others?
RB: Sunscreen, pfft, that’s for fools. I take a bit of me Sunnyside Session IPA and lather it to me hairy legs and weathered biceps. Not only does it smell extremely good, but the seagulls flock to me, which provides some good company.

Mr. Baggetts, you battled the lake effect snow all winter long so you needed a long vacation. What do you look for when planning some time away?
RB: Proximity to the water of course. I need to be near me fishing pole at all times and the perfect vacation spot, Sunnyside Beach, offers me that comfort. Not to mention the dickie dee carts and ice cream huts. I gotta tells ya, Sunnyside Beach is me home away from home when I’m not battlin’ the waves trying to gather me fish.

Can you tell our readers about your on/off relationship with Gordie Levesque and Sir Fuggled Doublebottom?
RB: Well, them boys are a rowdy bunch. Gordie is a character than I can have a beer or two with, but that Doublebottom fella, well, he’s a pompous ass I don’t see eye-to-eye with. We once went to a bush party, you know, the ones in a back field with a fire and some country music cranked from an old dusty pick-up truck, and Gordie, Gordie and me were having a rockling good time with some Canuck Pale Ale, some marshmallows and a bunch fireworks when Doublebottom starting mouthing off to some bulbous shaped torso guy… well, that lead to a big round of fista-cuffs.

Can you elaborate on that kerfuffle?
RB: No. But let’s just say that Doublebottom took one of my sandals to his giant noggin and that bulbous shaped lad, I think his name was RoboHop or sumpin, he put that pompous ass in his place. The rumour is that they made up over cans of Sunnyside Session IPA.

Great Lakes Sunnyside IPA-web-clippedWe get the hype, but our readers may not have had the chance to try it yet. Can you tell us about Sunnyside Session IPA?
RB: Big on da taste, low on the alcahookahol. The brewery calls it the Sunnyside Session IPA, but I calls it DELICIOUS, and a permanent summer staple in the grips of me fingers. Need tasting notes you say? Tell your readers to just go grab a sixer this summer and taste for themselves.

Every time you leave the beach for a jaunt around the bustlin’ metropolis of Toronto with the GLB family the camera’s snap away faster than a slippery trout fighting the hook. Can you tell us how long you’ll be around for in 2017 so we can schedule our photographers?
RB: Yes, I’ve been known to crack a few camera lenses from time to time. Makes me giggle every time. I’ll be sticking to the socks and sandals, and my grill, until labour day. I hear that the new patio at GLB is a beaut, so I’ll be spending many afternoons there.

People throughout the country seem to be following in your fashion footsteps, rocking the hawaiian shirt, socks and sandals and that hat. Thoughts?
RB: Who wouldn’t want to wear a sou’wester lid on their dome. I’m influenced by no one. Well, maybe that one guy from The Beachcombers. He was cool.

You’re the face of two beers (Sunnyside Session IPA and Lake Effect IPA). Which do you prefer?
RB: What a silly question! They’re both delicious. But, if you threaten to whack me with my spatula, I’d have to say – Sunnyside in the summer, Lake Effect in the winter. Ha. Got ya!

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