South Etobicoke Brewers

Craft brewed west of the Humber!

Great Lakes Brewery is pleased to announce our involvement in South Etobicoke Brewers, a group of local independent craft breweries who aim to highlight, educate and bring about awareness of all the wonderfully crafted beers being produced by talented men and women of Etobicoke.

An equal passion to produce fun-loving well crafted beers, as well organizing and participating in local events that will help lift up our community, has united us all. Working together with community leaders and local businesses, we aim to create a destination for craft beer drinkers here in Etobicoke. To showcase our breweries.

GLB joins Von Bugle, Black Oak, Big Rock and Indie Alehouse to form South Etobicoke Brewers and together we invite you to come see what we all have to offer as we host the Etobicoke Brewery Tour this Saturday (Feb 23rd). For only $30, you and your friends can board a bus who will take you to each brewery for a beer and a tour. The day kicks off at 3pm here at GLB and end after 7pm at Big Rock, where there will also be an after-party featuring beers from all five breweries.

And no collective would be complete without a collaboration beer! Etobicoke Collab #1, a New England style Pale Ale, was brewed at GLB and will go on sale at the retail store and taproom this Friday. Cans will retail for $3.25 each and are very limited in quantity. The collab beer will also be available at the Big Rock after-party on the 23rd.

Here is all the information you’ll need to know more about South Etobicoke Brewers.

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