Episode #3 – Between Two Fermenters – The Drunk Polkaroo

We’re back with another new episode of “Between Two Fermenters”, the new GLB web series in which host Alex Whitlow (the best looking, hardest working, most modest GLB employee) takes on esteemed members of the Ontario craft brewing industry. His latest victim, Rob Arsenault, aka The Drunk Polkaroo. Known for his passionate beer blogging and […]

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SPOTLIGHT ON GLB SUPPORTERS: Robert Arsenault @ DrunkPolkaroo

After taking a few weeks off from the Spotlight on GLB SupportersĀ series we’re back with one of the biggest supporters out there! Robert Arsenault, aka Drunk Polkaroo, is a huge GLB supporter and an amazing craft beer supporter in general. Polk, as we call him here around the brewery, writes a blog, post lots of […]

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