The Return of ROBOHOP

Lackey - Robohop interview 3 - Whitlow Dani Ted Nick Alistair JoeAre you ready to suffer?

RoboHop Imperial IPA is back…this week, and will be heading to select LCBO stores across Ontario any day now!

Some staff here at GLB had some burning questions for our Brewing Operations Manager, Mike Lackey, so we cracked open a few cans fresh off the line, created a scrum, and asked him the tough questions.

The populist brewer thankfully had some free time (as you can see below) to stand and answer those questions.

Troy: Thanks for taking the time today… I guess now that shinny is done for the year you had some free time. What are you going to do between 11am – 2pm Monday to Friday from here on out?
Ahh, it’s time to hit the gym. Lots of time to beef up for next season… and brew some beer. 

Troy: RoboHop Imperial IPA is back…today. What is it about this time of year that you and the brewing team decide to brew and release it? 
Lackey: Like I’ve told you before, and many times lately, it’s the best time to capitalize on the freshness of hops. The 2017 crop is just rolling into the brewery and we’re putting them right into the boil immediately.

Troy: How is this years batch of RoboHop tasting compared to previous years?
Lackey: Ah, that’s a great question. I would say that it is a tad danker, which would be a reflection on the nature of the 2017 hop crop. Simply put; it’s juicy, sneaky, and you better drink it fresh.

Robohop Imperial IPA-low res (No Background)Troy: Tell us about the hop bill?
Lackey: Ummm. It’s easily our biggest hop bill. We put in all the fresh Simcoe, Citra, and Mosaic coming into the brewery. The total bill ends up about double what our single IPAs are. There are some other hop additions, but I’m not telling you and you’re not telling the public because its top secret and I’m taking it to my grave.

Troy: We posted an Instagram story recently about the amount of hops for RoboHop’s dry-hopping. How many kg’s did you and the brewing team use?
Lackey: For dry-hopping? Math is hard. We used about one kilo per hectolitre. How many hectolitres did we do (I’m now conducting my own interview)… about 150 hl. You do the math. I’m tired. But a neat fact – there is about 10 grams per can (total hop bill).

Troy: When will the LCBO see the 473ml can?
Lackey: If I worked in that department I’d have the answer for you, but I don’t, Troy. As you mentioned, I’m the Brewing Operations Manager, not a sales rep. Amateur. (The LCBO department got back to us – approximately 25,000 units are being sent out across the province this week)

Troy: Price point for cans?
Lackey: Both the retail store and the LCBO will sell cans for $5.00, or so I’m told.

So, there you have it folks. Mike Lackey sat down long enough to chat about one of our favourite IPAs… now that shinny is over for the season.

Here are the stats on RoboHop, and tasting notes, for your convenience.

ABV: 8.5%
IBUs: 100
Style: Imperial IPA
Serving Temp: 3-5
Glassware: GLB Vienna (Tulip)

RoboHop Imperial IPA is not a beer to trifle with. The unfiltered beer pours a deep orange hue with a bright white head. The aroma is fantastic. Tropical fruits abound from the glass, which consist of passion fruit, guava, lemon with notes of white grape and evergreen, pine mingling together. Makes you think of cotton-candy. Traces of soft warming alcohol notes are also detected. The full-bodied 8.5% Imperial IPA is very gentle on the palate, making it one sneaky bugger. Many of the aromas come through in the taste, resulting in a very pleasant juicy finish that’s slightly dry, and, as stated in the description – bracingly bitter. An easy-drinking Imperial IPA.

Food pairing recommendations
Szechuan chicken or blackened cajun catfish, Sharp blue and gorgonzola, Candied ginger, gulab jamun (Indian Sugar balls), Neal Brothers Srirachup Kettle Chips.

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