Published February 11, 2021


You may have heard – we are turning 34 years young tomorrow! That’s a long time brewing beer here in Ontario… and we’ve loved every second of it. To mark this years anniversary, our team whipped up a HUGE beer for you. To get all the details, we chatted with Mike Lackey.

This beer is hitting the GLB online shop tonight at 6:30pm for Friday home delivery / brewery pick-up. 355ml cans will cost ya $4.50 each, $36 8pk, $96 24pk.

REMINDER – DRINK FRESH!! (No, this 25th anniversary glass is not available. Just thought it would be cool in the pic)

👉11%, More-Than-Triple, Less-Than-Quad IPA, eh? What the hell is that about?👈
We wanted to do something BIG for the big day (#GLBDAY) so we started talking about brewing up a triple IPA as a homage to Russian River’s Pliny the Younger. Back in the day, I happened to be at the brewery one of the first years they brewed it and it blew my mind!

So, when we started to plan what style of beer to brew for our upcoming 34th anniversary two camps quickly emerged. The conservative faction lobbied for a good old fashioned Triple IPA while a new group of free thinkers decried, “Why stop at Triple when we could make a Quadruple!” Well, needless to say – things got heated. The fabric of the brewery ripped at the seams and many friendships were seemingly lost, forever. Alas, someone ultimately suggested we do a hybrid Triple/Quad and everything was fine again. The ¾ IPA happily worked for 34th anniversary.

👉We’re gonna get asked – how much hops were used in this sucker?👈
We used 3.5 Kilos per Hectoliter or 3.5 grams/L. A lot.

👉What kind of hops were used?👈
We used a mix of old school and new school hops. We started with Simcoe and Columbus which was likely what Russian River was using back in 2010. Then the Quadruple IPA generation took over and we added Idaho 7 and Talus. Triple hopped (and a half of course).

👉 Can you give us some brief notes about the taste profile?👈
First, we are happy with the appearance. It’s not hazy – it’s very west coast. The aroma is huge wallop of tropical fruits and cannabis. The flavour follows with a massive hit of hops mid-palate, ending with a dry and pleasantly bitter finish.