A GLB Family Sociable – Round #2

Published: April 19, 2020

We’re back for another GLB Family Sociable, with a new cast of GLB staff members.


Join us this Tuesday (April 21st) at 8pm for our second Zoom hangout where the GLB team will answer all of your questions, discuss upcoming beer releases, share some behind the scenes stories about life in craft beer and have a #FreshGLB or two during the chat.

Members of Sociable #2:
Nick Perry (Brewer, 7 Barrel Series)
Ted Zacharopoulos (Business Analyst)
David Bieman (Licensee Sales and Branding Manager)
Megan Whiten (Retail Channel Territory Manager)
Mike Lackey (Brewing Operations Manager)
Sarah Heatley (Licensee Sales Support)
Alex Whitlow (Territory Account Manager, Eastern Ontario)

Make sure to register as there are only 100 spots up for grabs and then follow these suggestions below…

  1. Grab a few fresh cans or bottles of some GLB beer
  2. Arm yourself with questions about the brewery. Questions like, “tell us when Etobichoker or Audrey Hopburn Belgian IPA will make a return” and/or “shed some light on your favourite GLB moment” Our staff members will answer everything you throw at them… or try their best
  3. Share with us what you’re drinking! We love hearing from individuals who enjoy our products, so let us know and tell us why you like it

The sociable will be moderated by Troy Burtch, Marketing and Communications Manager.