A Lager Evolved

It may have taken us a while, errr, 33 years to be exact, to transform our longtime Lager into the beautiful, crisp, and clean “Great Lakes Lager” that stands proudly before you today on retail store shelves, but here we are and it’s time you knew about it.

You may remember our Blonde Lager, a brand that had been with us for many years. Or, maybe you remembered it as simply “Lager”, or “Premium Lager”, or, and this one was around for a while, “Golden Horseshoe Lager”. Yes, we’ve had a lager with us from the day the doors opened in 1987, and just like our journey through stages of maturing, our Lager was evolved both in branding and recipe over the years.

In early 2021 we introduced you to the updated and more sophisticated beer our brewers were working on – Great Lakes Lager – a brand we celebrate today all across Ontario. Since the release of this all-grain, EVERYDAY lager, we’ve had a lot of great feedback – many GLB Supporters have made this beer their go-to, enjoying it at the cottage, at a BBQ, after a grueling beer league baseball game, in a park, the bar – a premium lager that pairs exceptionally well with everyday occasions, anywhere. 

Great Lakes Lager is available for purchase for $50.00 a case (24 x 473ml) from our retail store(s) and for home delivery. Uh huh, it’s a steal of a deal! It is a staple at The Beer Store, select grocery stores, and through the LCBO, supplying a premium option for Lager-lovers at an affordable price province-wide. 

Now that you know the story, it’s time to __________________. 

A lager evolved, indeed.


This crystal-clear lager pours brilliantly bronze with a snowy white head that glistens like a polished crown. Aromas of lightly toasted malts that offer notes of honey and hay alongside some underlying lemon drop from a generous hop bill (for the style). The light bodied crisp beer is wonderfully refreshing with flavours of fresh straw and wet grass. A touch dry, Great Lakes Lager finishes clean with a noticeable bitterness reminiscent of a freshly cut lawn. A great everyday beer! 


Things from some of Etobicoke’s finest establishments, like Dino’s Wood Burning PizzaTom’s Dairy Freeze Ice Cream, any pie from The Pie Commission, a colossal sandwich from San Remo Bakery… you get it. Or, if you fancy yourself a home chef, whip up some of these suggestions to pair with the golden elixir – boiled hot dogs with extra cheese whiz, lobster rolls, Chicken Cordon Bleu. fresh pickerel tacos, dill pickle chips… really, anything you’ve got on hand. 


Case (24 x 473ml) – $50.00 – Available at The Beer Store, GLB Retail Store, GLB Brewpub, Home Delivery

Single (1 x 473ml) – $2.80 – Available at The Beer Store, LCBO, Grocery, GLB Retail Store, GLB Brewpub

See, affordably attainable craft beer!