Published February 17, 2021

The time has finally come to bid adieu to our Blonde Lager. It has run its course. We’re moving on. But parting doesn’t have to be such sweet sorrow, as you’ll read below.  

Why are we doing this?

Our Blonde Lager has been with us for many years. Previously known as Lager, then Premium Lager, Golden Horseshoe Lager and most recently Blonde, it has been refined over the years. Matured, just like us. It served its purpose for all those years and we thank it for that (we’re going to gift it a gold watch).

But, one day, just recently, while sitting around having a few wobbly pops, we had a thought. That thought, about us evolving as a brewery over 33 years lead to more serious thoughts, which lead to an idea – let’s go back to our roots and re-introduce Great Lakes Lager as a year-round brand, you know, to embrace our heritage! So, we are, which meant the time would eventually run out on Blonde Lager.

It’s now that time. 

You see, over the past 18 months or so, we’ve been brewing and releasing Great Lakes Lager for our retail store and for home delivery. It’s a beer near and dear to our hearts (OG beer label and beer name from 1987) that has a touch more complexity and craft character than the Blonde Lager, thanks in part to an extended aging process, new malt bill and a more generous hop profile (see tasting notes below).

During these various releases, we’ve heard a lot of really great feedback – you’ve all really liked this beer, and, well, we’ve liked brewing it. These reasons helped us make this tough decision (bye, Blonde) a little easier, and we have some big plans for the brand that we’ll share in due time (a lager, from GLB, in the LCBO??).

Now, we know there will be some ruffled feathers out there. That’s understandable, so please know that we’re here to chat.

We also know that there will be questions about the pricing differences as Blonde Lager was such an incredible value! We’ve already heard ya. Because we’re good folks here at GLB, we’ve kept the price of Great Lakes Lager right where you like it – $50.00 for a case of 24 x 473ml cans.

So, now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to know the beer a bit more intimately.

This crystal-clear lager pours brilliantly bronze with a snowy white head that glistens like a polished crown. Aromas of lightly toasted malts that offer notes of honey and hay alongside some underlying lemon drop from a generous hop bill (for the style). The light bodied crisp beer is wonderfully refreshing with flavours of fresh straw and wet grass. A titch dry, Great Lakes Lager finishes clean with a noticeable bitterness reminiscent of a freshly cut lawn. A great everyday beer!

This retro label dates back to 1987, the year of our incorporation, and has been reborn in an effort to honour our past. The elements in the crest provide a glimpse into, well, we’re not quite sure, but the design was groundbreaking in the 80’s, so we’re good with it. Great Lakes Premium Lager, a throwback to our humble beginnings.

Things from some of Etobicoke’s finest establishments, like Dino’s Wood Burning Pizza or 850 Degrees, Tom’s Dairy Freeze Ice Cream, any pie from The Pie Commission, a colossal sandwich from San Remo Bakery… you get it.