Apply for the Greatest Beer Job Ever!

*** Applications are closed. Thank you ***

We are looking for a social media superstar. Someone to be the GLB brand voice, the content creator and the voice of the customer. Someone who holds social media near and dear to their heart. Someone who equally loves beer and great storytelling. Comfortable with making vids, taking great photos, interacting with our passionate audience. That perfect person is out there and we look forward to meeting them. Is it you? Is it someone you know? This is a full-time paid position. You can read the full job description HERE.

This is the Application

In the meantime

For now, you’re stuck with Earl. He helps out around the brewery, mostly in janitorial services. He just got his first smartphone this year to Facetime with his grandkids, but he still hasn’t figured out exactly how to do that. Enjoy the week of Earl the Janitor at the helm of all things social, but get your application in quick. Submissions are now closed.