Brave Noise Beer is Here!


About two years ago, the team of women here at GLB got together to discuss brewing together. Even though we aren’t trained brewing professionals, many of us homebrew, have interest in brewing, and of course, we love beer! After planning a brew day, and getting excited to create a unique recipe together, the pandemic hit. Well, there went that plan!

Who knew that 2 years later, our first brew together would as important as Brave Noise?! This global beer collaboration advocates for safe spaces, and inclusive environments in this industry. It all started with Brienne Allan’s Instagram story question:  “Have you experienced sexism in the beer industry?”

This quickly became the question in the beer industry, and everyone was talking about it, making way for what is now known as the BEVOLUTION. Breweries who wish to show solidarity with those who have spoken out about gender discrimination, sexual assault, harassment, and racism; and who pledge to raise more awareness to issues women, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA+ individuals endure in the craft beer community/ industry are invited to brew this collaborative brew.  

Hosting a brew day live on Instagram was fun. The team connected, and every department was involved (today, our production team taught us about all the magic that happens behind the scenes)! We got a science lesson from Cole who taught us about Kviek yeast strains…

… and GLB’s Denise lead our talk with Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter

and we spent time with a ton of cool humans in the industry. Below is a video on the Community Donation Drive aspect of the Brave Noise Brew…

It was a full day of teamwork, hard work, and some real conversations…

This opportunity to be part of such an important brew not only sparked excitement in us, but also created a platform for change. We started a Culture Committee, created a new GLB Code of Conduct, had a Patron Statement placed in the taproom stating that there is no toleration for bias, racism, discrimination, harassment, and violence at all here at GLB. It was an opportunity to learn, and we are still learning. There is always room for growth. I think as a team, and a community we can be better, and it will benefit us all. 

Brave Noise Pale Ale will be available now at our Online Shop and at the GLB Retail Store. $1 from every can sold will support Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter. Thank you for your support.