Every label tells a tale…

Published June 1, 2021

In 1987, when Great Lakes Brewery was established, a lager was born.

It came and went, but now has returned, along with the original label and stunning artwork. Every label tells a tale, so let’s look at the story behind then Great Lakes Lager label.

Starting at the bottom left, we see the waves of the Great Lakes which, at times, can be quite treacherous. Swing up to the top right, a mighty schooner cuts through the lake water majestically!

Slide across to your upper left to see a, um, a blue, uh, cranberry bush, um, I think… (We really aren’t sure what this is)

Now, ah, diagonally one panel over, and we see, uh, a sailboat gliding along a moustache, I believe…or, is it a bowl of strawberry swirl ice cream, with a nose on it, smelling a yellow mushroom, while a blue dinosaur dances behind, all the while atop a slithering blue snake and her snaky child.

What the heck is this? – Look, all that matters is that Great Lakes Premium Lager from GLB is clean and crisp and ticks all the boxes of a truly crushable beer.