FREE: GLB Colouring Pages

March 31, 2020

We understand the struggles that are happening right now in homes across Ontario when it comes to entertaining your children. We have staff in the same situation too. No daycare. No babysitters. No parks. No sports… the list goes on and on.

So, we thought we’d offer you some FREE colouring pages featuring GLB characters. You can either print off for your children and/or to download to a tablet for them to colour. (See download instructions at bottom of page)

Below you’ll find 24 different sheets that will hopefully keep the kiddos entertained this week. And please share with your friends and neighbours. Sharing is caring.

If you’re interested in obtaining the actual GLB colouring book (yes, we have two different ones in stock – vol 1 & vol 2), you can click on the image to be redirected to our online shop.

Please enjoy!

Beard of Zeus – Patrick Corrigan
Karma Citra – Patrick Corrigan
Furthermore… You Forgot to Mention Bigfoot – Patrick Corrigan
Noon is Good Breakfast IPA – Patrick Corrigan
Gordie Levesque – Garnett Gerry
Gordie Levesque Canoein’ – Patrick Corrigan
Gordie Levesque and Bianca – Patrick Corrigan
Octopus Wants to Fight NE IPA
Wet Behind the Ears – Patrick Corrigan
Shinny Pants Session Stout – Patrick Corrigan
Pale Al – Patrick Corrigan
GLB Family Dinner – Patrick Corrigan
Toronto Island Time – Patrick Corrigan
Restrained Jubilation – Patrick Corrigan
Golden Horseshoe – Patrick Corrigan
Blue Caboose – Patrick Corrigan
Gordie Levesque Yoga – Patrick Corrigan
Bride of Shucky – Patrick Corrigan
Gordie Levesque Guitarin’ – Patrick Corrigan
THRUST! an IPA – Patrick Corrigan
Citraddiction – Patrick Corrigan
As Far Back As I Can Remember – Patrick Corrigan
RoboHop – Patrick Corrigan
The Cowboy – Electric Circus – Patrick Corrigan

To download image to print:
Click on any of the drawings, open image in new tab, print page. Bust out the markers, the pencil crayons or best, the crayons and go to town.

To download the images to an iPad:
Simply push down on the image in your browser, select open image in new tab to see full size, select save image. Go into your photos and there it is. Click on whichever colouring page you’d like to colour and hit edit. Next click on the three … circle and select markup. You can now colour with your finger and/or an apple pencil. Voila!

If you’ve made it this far, high-five. Send us your coloured pages ( so we can send a personal greeting to the artist.

GLB Family