GLB Hand Sanitizer

June 5, 2020 (UPDATED June 15)

We’ve been busy since COVID-19 broke, busy dumping kegs of our amazing beer into our brand new still… to make GLB Hand Sanitizer.

And good news, that hand sanitizer is now on our online shop, in two different sizes!

You can purchase either a single bottle and/or a 9 pack (235ml) and 12 pack (500ml) for home delivery (with order over $50) and/or for brewery curbside pick-up.

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We caught up with Peter Bulut, Owner of GLB, to ask him some questions surrounding this new project.

What do they cost to purchase?
235ml bottles – $8 per bottle and $70 per case (9pk)500ml bottles – $15 per bottle and $160 per case (12pk)

Was the hand sanitizer actually made at GLB?
Indeed. We purchased a still right when COVID-19 hit Ontario and have been working on perfecting it ever since.

Approximately how many kegs have we burned through to produce the sanitizer?
We dumped hundreds of kegs into the still. It was perfectly good beer & made some great sanitizer but it was quite painful to see it happen.

Will we continue producing sanitizer moving forward?
Yes, hand sanitizer will be continued to be produced at GLB for the near future.

What is the goal with the still?
The still was a multi-year dream of mine for GLB. The inspiration was the amount of beer that couldn’t be sold – I thought of distilling the beer to make the sanitizer. After applying, we quickly received a licence from Health Canada to produce, and sell, hand sanitizer. Turns out it was a bit tougher to produce than we first thought. The recipe from the World Health Organizations is relativity easy but to make the sanitizer, complete with a gel consistency, was the hard part. The other challenge was to obtain bottles and caps. It still seems North America is sold out… so that was a huge hurdle. Moving forward we hope to produce spirits here at GLB. Moving forward, we’ll be producing spirits here at GLB!

Where did the still come from and why did you get one for GLB?
When I saw all the beer that coming back from our partners, which was to be disposed, I remembered Muskoka Brewery had a still that I was thinking about buying four years earlier. I called Todd from Muskoka and told him what I was up to. This guy is a real gem of a man. Without second guessing or even asking for money he said “just come pick it up Pete, let’s worry about the money after. Even if you want to use it & give it back I’m good with that.”  It’s very humbling when you come across a situation like that. I owe Todd & Muskoka Brewery a huge thank you. I promised Todd when this was all over we’d have a shot on the GLB patio hopefully closer than 6’ away from each other. We ended up obtaining the still on such fair terms I owe Muskoka a big hug!!

Why does the hand sanitizer smell like spirits?
You may or may not find the sanitizer reminiscent of spirits because that’s what it’s made from. We didn’t want to add any fragrance as some people have allergies. We emptied a lot, and I mean a lot of GLB kegs into the still, converting it to the sanitizer. We also used a good amount of donated wine from our friends at Pondview Estate Winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake. They stepped up and helped us in a time when we needed it the most.

What is the percentage of alcohol in each bottle?
At minimum the alcohol content of the sanitizer is 75%. Health Canada recommends 60% (minimum), but we wanted to have higher than ‘minimum standards’.

Click here to buy GLB Hand Sanitizer