GLB Presents: No Train Wrecks, A Beer and Cheese Tasting

no-train-wrecks_beer-and-cheese_jan2016It’s widely assumed that wine and cheese are compatible friends. They’re paired together so routinely that phrases like, “the white wine and Brie crowd” can be used to define a social set. But all is not well in this friendship. At least one wine writer has recognized this, according to brew master and gourmand Garrett Oliver of Brooklyn Brewing: Willy Gluckstern, a somewhat cranky New York wine critic, called wine and cheese a ‘train wreck in the mouth.’ ” Fred Eckhart
GLB is pleased to present… No Train Wrecks – A Beer and Cheese Tasting Event
Together we will explore 5 beer and cheese pairings and experience how beer is the ultimate beverage to pair with cheese. In Partnership with our Etobicoke neighbours, Global Cheese.
Date: Wednesday, January 25 2017
Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm
Ticket information: $15 (includes: 5 x 5oz pours, paired with a variety of cheeses and a welcome beer)
Tickets may be purchased online here or in person at the GLB Retail Store. Tickets must be reserved in advance to guarantee your spot! Limited seating available.