Gordie – A New Look

July 1, 2020

“Well Gordie’s all freshened up now… we gave him a shower and a haircut, and now he’s pretty chill and relaxed. He’s been renewed and re-energized to carry on the Canuck legacy into the future…Cheers!”
– Patrick Corrigan, GLB Artist

New cans (see below) are being printed now and they’ll make their debut approximately August 1st. Gordie Levesque, first introduced in 2014 thanks to the artistic work of former GLB artist, Garnett Gerry (aka Mr. Toons), has undergone some subtle colour variations throughout the years, but this is the most drastic update to date.

We’ll have more information to share soon, in the meantime, enjoy these small teaser images.

New look for Gordie courtesy of Patrick Corrigan (Artist) and Fabian Skidmore (Art Director). White background, new drawing, bolder colours, cleaner lines