Gordie Bucks – Better Than Real Money

Gordie Levesque, the man, the myth, the legend. He’s been winning over the hearts and minds of ladies and gentlemen all across this country for nearly 3 decades.* And, we bet you didn’t know this – he has his very own currency: GORDIE BUCKS.
Yes, Gordie’s glorious face in imprinted on $10, $20 and $50 dollar denominations. These Gordie Bucks are as good as cash to us – just come in to the GLB retail store and use them for anything your heart desires. Beer**, toques (Gordie’s favourite apparel), growlers, pints glasses, koozies, and so much more. It’s what Gordie would have wanted.
This Christmas, show your special someone, your drinking buddy, your neighbour how much you really love them with a handful of cash sporting the ruggedly handsome face of Gordie Levesque***.
Pick up your Gordie Bucks at the GLB retail store, 30 Queen Elizabeth Blvd. in Toronto. What better gift could there be than that?****
Gordie Levesque & the GLB Retail Team
*This part is entirely fabricated. But it reads well doesn’t it?
**Don’t even think of trying to use them to buy beer if you’re under 19!
***Be prepared for your significant other to fall head over heels in love with Gordie’s beautiful mug.
****Seriously. Name one?
Gordie Bucks_50