Published April 22, 2021

Pic taken in 2019


What Acts Of Green Will You Do For Earth Day? GLB is happy to be participating in #GreenUpDrinkUp, an initiative created and organized by our friend @plantsandbeers!

Her challenge – do some good in honouring Earth Day by committing various green acts in either your community, or in your personal life. Acts like picking up litter in your local park or ravine. Purchasing a sustainable water bottle while ditching plastic. Going for a hike. Planting a pollinator-friendly garden, etc.

For example, team GLB will be cleaning up Queen Elizabeth Blvd. tomorrow (Friday) morning – Keeping our community clean isn’t a chore but a hobby… and the beer tastes 👌 immediately afterwards!

How to do good and win:

From cleaning up your local greenspaces to planting a pollinator-friendly garden and a backyard picnic, snap a picture of your Acts Of Green. Essentially, pick what ‘Act of Green’ you’d like to tackle.

Share your Green Up pics on Instagram (stories or post) between April 22 – 25 tagging @greatlakesbeer and @plantsandbeers and using the hashtag #GreenUpDrinkUp. Then swing by the @GLBretail store within 24 hours of posting, show our awesome staff your pic and you’ll receive a complimentary can of Great Lakes Lager.

BUT, not only that, no, you’ll be entered into the Green Up Drink Up giveaway where you and up to 10 friends should win a private GLB tasting with our brewers. We’d also ensure the winner of this great prize would have lots of #FreshGLB and glassware in which to drink it in. (Must be 19 years of age and a resident of Ontario).

Feel good about yourself! You done good, kid! Redeem your deals & discounts online & in-person at participating Breweries & Businesses (there are a bunch across Ontario), drink up & enjoy, you deserve it!

** picture used above was taken in 2019 during a GLB street clean