HazeMama Speaks To You

July 28, 2020

Only when light is combined with the dark is the universe perfect and complete.

Like a hypnotizing drum beat heard deep within the swampy shores, a bubbling kettle brews.

As an ember floats out of the fire’s coals, HazeMama has risen! Her power, her force, felt through her softest touch.

She engages your spirit, sending ripples across the surface of your soul.
HazeMama speaks to you wordlessly, conveyed in a glance, a vibe, a mystique.

Allow her sacred science and divine state of consciousness to unveil your contact point toward complete clarity.

Cosmically grounded, she is all at once every element, fuelling the nectar of your memory, drip by velvety drip.

Ascending from the mist, HazeMama breaks imbalance while granting an alternative perception otherwise unavailable, unless by virtue of her wondrous alchemy.


So, now that you know the story, what about the tasting notes?

In your journey to access levels of perception, you pour this hazy bronze coloured New England style IPA into your glass and the clouds part, fusing light with darkness.

HazeMama offers aromas of ripe pineapple, kiwi, tangerine and sweet cotton candy that join soft, yet warming alcohol notes. A divine state of consciousness starts to emerge, showcasing the elegance of this 7% creation alongside a well concocted blend of specialty hops.

Each sip provides mystical flavours of peach, lemon, a touch of raw honey and a tropical fruit medley. Yes, juicy indeed. Assertive in body and flavour, yet tremendously smooth and velvety – divine.

HazeMama, putting an end to imbalance while granting us that perception otherwise unavailable to others.

Find yours at the LCBO or on our online shop for only $3.50 a can!